About Us

My constant search (ahem...addiction) for stationery is more than most people understand. My husband has currently banned me from any store where I could walk out with a notebook or new pen. And yes this includes the stationery aisle in Woolies.

Each year I start my search for a yearly diary the August before, looking for something that suits me and my style. Many products I come across just don't fit. They were too large, weren't the right spine, they didn't have enough space for each day or included pages I would never use - goal setting and tracking just isn't my thing. Although I've come close, I've never found the perfect diary. The one.

So the next step in my stationery obsession?! Building my own empire of stationery of course!!

It's so very important to me that the products I create are Australian made. I have sourced local businesses to design and manufacture bespoke stationery that is simplistic, elegant and inspiring. Having beautiful stationery that's made from recycled products is an added bonus.

I want to provide you with gorgeous products, so join us! We know you'll fall in love 🖤