About Us

Social Betty is all about beautiful, minimalist stationery to help you stay organised. Our products are Australian made with eco friendly paper.

But who is our founder and owner and how did we get here? That's me, Katie!

I've been an Event Manager for over 14 years and I love staying organised using stationery. Yes, I still use digital products, but the best feeling in the world is physically crossing off your to do list and that sense of achievement when you do!

I use notebooks, daily planners, yearly planners, diaries, the works every single day running multiple events simultaneously. And honestly, I couldn't stay organised without them.

My biggest struggle has been finding simple, minimalist style stationer so I can use them how I would like to and put my own twist on it. Something that works for me, and every individual.

I want everyone to feel fabulous! To take that overwhelmed feeling and watch it swoosh away when they open our products 🖤