Downloading into the New Year

Do you ever get the urge to organise? Like right then and there you MUST find something to write all your plans down…welcome to digital downloads! 

It’s one of the newest and easiest ways to obtain products that you can print yourself in the comfort of your own home. And for our Daily Planner and Monthly Calendar, that’s exactly what you can do.

But for those items like our Wall Planner that are slightly bigger than your average home printer, and you might like to print on particular paper, where exactly do you go?

As an Event Manager, I’ve had to use a million and one printers so I’ve picked up a few things along the way that i'd love to share!


This is my go-to! Not only are the staff helpful but it’s so easy to do either in person or online. And in this COVID world, click and collect is a dream. If there’s a last-minute printing emergency, and you’re extra nice, they can print urgent at a stretch if they're not too busy.

Jump on the website and have a look at their features. I’ve had a customer print their Wall Calendar and have it laminated, this way they could use whiteboard markers and wipe off any mistakes. 


Another institution in the printing landscape, Kwik Copy has a more personalised service. You may find the price a little higher than other places, but they have a wider range of paper options.


Vista Print has a huge array of online printing options and they do have large poster size printing available. However, their paper stock is limited compared to other businesses and there is no double checking you’ve placed everything correctly.


Often forgotten is the local printer. Jump on to your local area Facebook page or ask some friends. Not only will you be supporting a small local business, but you’re also pretty much guaranteed a superior personalised service that bigger chains can’t provide. Yes, they may be more expensive, but it would be worth it to end up with a product you love.